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"The man who has had an experience, is 
at the mercy of the man who has only a theory."
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Have people ever been re-incarnated? Is it possible for a person to be shown information about the future from a Heavenly Being? Do Angels and Demons exist? Do the Angels and Demons fight over what people do every day? I ask these questions because I have the answer, and the answer to all of the questions is - YES. 

I find myself writing about something here that I never assumed I would openly tell anyone, but if it helps just one person find the Truth, it will all be worth it. 

This is my story. It may be a bit long winded, but take into account that I'm 53 years old, and a lot can happen in 53 years of life. 

My story starts long before I was born. What I remember is, I was high up in space, maybe around where the moon would be looking down on the Earth. It was so beautiful - clouds were swirling all around it - just like in the movies, but real. 

As I was standing there looking at the beauty of the earth, I was told to look, and a sheet was let down in front of me. My entire life was displayed on that sheet from beginning to end, all in just a moment - then, the sheet was removed, and there was the world again in all of its beauty. 

Then I was told to "GO", and ZIP, I was in the world just moments after my body was born. And I remember every waking experience after that from then to now, and a little beyond. 

I have to give you some more about ME before I tell you any more of that experience. I was born with a Brain Disorder called Autism. My Disorder prevented me from being able to speak and understand speech and words, so it was much later in my life before I started understanding what people around me were saying to me. When I was 12, I started then to understand some things people said to me, but it was still not a good connection to the outside world. 

I have always been extremely intelligent, and had a real High IQ, for you who want to know, I was tested many times, and my IQ ranged from a Low 168, to a better 176, but if I have to tell someone I try not to brag, so I say it is about 172 or 173. 

I only share that, because it plays a big part in who I am, and WHY. 
As I said, growing up, I was not a normal child. I was raised by my grandparents and Aunt, but I was treated more like a "pet" than a child. I didn't have childhood celebrations like birthdays or Christmas, because I really didn't understand what was going on in my life, and so they just didn't waste their time. I was not told that I was loved, or held and comforted as a child, but allowed to wonder around the house like a pet. However, that had its drawbacks because I was extremely gifted even when I was an infant, and I got into trouble all the time as soon as I learned how to walk. I had an insatiable appetite to learn about all the things around me. And I often got hurt by those things. That happened so many times, that it is a true Miracle that I am still alive! 

At the grand age of 1, I was diagnosed as being anemic, and the Doctor said he didn't understand why I was still alive, because I had no blood in me. He gave me a shot of something, that helped me. I remember him telling my grandmother that, right in front of me, even though at that time, I didn't understand what he was saying. 

One time, I overdosed on Doan's Little Liver Pills. Another time, my appendix burst, and yet another time, I had an entire dish cabinet fall on me. So many times when I was a small child I had things happen to me that should have killed me, but Someone always came to my rescue and prevented me from dying. 

For whatever reason, that same Spirit Being has always been there to protect me and keep me from destroying myself. All I can say is He had to have the patience of God because everyone else would have grown really tired of protecting me that way.

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