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1. The experience that you share MUST have happened to YOU.  Something that happened to your brother or sister, your mother or uncle, acquaintances or friends - does NOT qualify. You are welcome to send us more than one experience.

2. Appropriate subjects are: incredible answers to prayer, supernatural occurences, strange experiences you have had with animals, "coincidences" that defy explanation, people you have met under "impossible" situations, sightings of spirits or ghosts, demonic experiences, unsolicited contacts from the grave and beyond, ufo sightings or contact, and others.

3. No foul or inappropriate language or experiences will be published.

4. No one posting will have the ability to contact others who have posted, UNLESS you wish to have contact with them. In that case, we will notify you that someone wishes to contact you re: an experience they have had, similar to yours. Should that be the case, we will obtain permission from both parties, and let you handle the contact.

5. We reserve the right to contact you to obtain details, ask permission to edit for clarity and spelling, and ask for additional information.

6. We will NOT pass on any of your private information, i.e., email addresses, name, address, phone number, or anything else to any vendors, advertisers, or anyone else. Your privacy will be respected and closely guarded.

7. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any experiences that are not acceptable. WE determine what is acceptable.                                
"The man who has had an experience, is
at the mercy of the man who has only a theory."
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